Weary Old World

Reverend Dave and the Sin Eaters


The world is a jungle

Now how bout that

Puffed with pride

He’s a mean old cat

Growling at the people

Growling at the press

Ain’t no litter

Gonna be a mess


       In this weary old world 

       In this weary old world

       I don’t know where to turn

      To get out of the swirl 

      In this weary old world


Some like Putin

Some like poutine

To the jealous heart

The world is green

Same with envy

It’s a monster

She’s got more gravy 

He’s got more stew


My joy is in a prison

Locked in a cell

And it cries every time

It hears the prison bell

I asked time why

But time Don’t tell

I had three wishes. 

Well, well, well  


I’m just picking this guitar

I’m singing the blues

I can’t control 

So I try to cruise

Bird in the hand 

And a bird that flew

Sometimes I wonder

What would John Prine do