Candles Melt the Stars

I guess you understand her now more than I do

And you know all the reasons why she cries

You’re always there when she gets home and tries to

Tie those ribbons that always come untied

The tenderness between you like a feather

Tickles as it brushed against your hearts

Your love is ever spilling that’s forever

Just like a sentimental work of art


But I bought her favorite dress

You know the one that soaks up all the light

And we'd go dancing at night

As candles melted stars down from the sky


I used to tease her just to see her blush

As lillies turned to roses in her face

I was not ashamed to be enflamed because

She looked so beautiful and out of place

She said I hope you're happy I hope you're satisfied

To see the fire burning in my skin

I've seen the shore its humbled by the tide

I hope I bring you pleasure now and then

Reverend DaveComment